Will there be a Sino-Russia alliance? (Slough of Despond 3: advanced blogging)

Will there be a Sino-Russia alliance? (Slough of Despond 3: advanced blogging)

Zhang Zihan



(Photo Source: The Daily journalist  http://thedailyjournalist.com/world-national/putin-china-and-the-us-for-a-new-route/)


These days most world media are discussing the increasingly tight China-Russia tie after the two countries signed a 30-years gas contract, and not a few of them, especially the western media, have revealed a sense of anxiety in their words about a possible China-Russia alliance against US and NATO. 

This situation specially occurs to people grown up in democratic countries, who may view China and Russia as authoritarianism countries who keep showing muscles around and bullying small neighbors. But I have to say such anxiety comes from nowhere but the incomprehension on what’s going on between China and Russia.

Russia has been coveting Chinese land for a long time and since the age of Czar and have taken control of more than 3 million square kilometers land so far. Most Chinese intellectuals are aware of this and they don’t have a good impression on Russia. In fact, when Russia Embassy first opened its social network account on Sina Weibo(Chinese equivalence of Twitter), netizens flushed it with comments, claiming Russia should give Chinese territory back.



(Photo source: screen shot of Shanggaiist 



While according to BBC’s survey in 2013, most Russians believe China is expanding in Fareast and will threaten Russia’s interest.

Then why China and Russia still getting closer and closer?

Possibly due to the West don’t believe in both China and Russia. The two countries are still suffering from military and economical sanctions imposed from US and NATO, and any movement from these two countries would be treated as a threat. Though they tried to express goodwill to the west, what they get in return is usually criticism. What else can you expect the two discovered that they are in similar situation? Yes, they would cooperate and help each other. But becoming allies and leave their back to each other? I sincerely doubt.