Ebook Phenomenon

With tablet PCs and smartphones becoming extremely affordable and handy nowadays, ebooks are also getting more and more popular. But what makes an ebook? Since it has “book” in its name, it should have some different features comparing with a plain txt/pdf file.

In my personal opinion, an ebook should be book like first in appearance. Since the smell and touch of paper can not be replaced by  screens, ebook makers should at least make pages paper like on screens. On the one hand this will make readers feel familiar, on the other the color of paper looks warm and will make readers feel relieved.

Secondly ebooks should allow readers to make notes like real books. Notes are extremely important to readers, they can be sparks of innovation, ebooks should  be able to keep them.


Also the font  size is very important. An good ebook should allow readers to adjust front sizes so as they can read them at ease.

Other features which will make a good ebook including but not limited to visual turning page effects, which would make readers feel familiar;


green color background mode so as to protect readers’ eyes; open links to Internet which can show other readers who are also reading this book, thus they can communicate instantly.

There are plenty of ebook making softwares available. eBook Maestro is affordable and it generates .exe format ebooks, while DeskTop Author is relatively expensive but it creates ebooks with beautiful 3D page turning effects. But if you only want to make a simple ebook for private use u can also choose to ePub creator (if your book is text only, set up the format before converting and it’s quick!); or if what you get is lots of scanned photos you should consider using Adobe Indesign to make it a pdf.