IND Media Reflection 5; Semester Review

In my first homework required by this course I wrote that I want to acquire essential knowledge about broadcasting from this course. To be more specific, I want to learn about sound recording, video filming and editing skills. I think I have got enough opportunities to learn and practise them this semester.

Now I can use cameras, sound recorders and lights efficiently, I also had enough opportunities to try different roles in a production team in other courses. Meanwhile, I’ve found the editing skills I learnt from this course very helpful in overcoming difficulties I encountered in other courses.

It was my hope that after finishing this course I will be capable of produce simple but qualified broadcasting media material, and throughout this semesters learning and practise I can claim this course has helped me in achieving this. The results are beyond satisfaction.

What I think this course should have but did not provided to me is the thinking pattern and habits of western audiences. Being a Chinese I hoped that I I can know more about western audiences and the way they think and react to media contents. Knowing this would be helpful to international media students’ learning.


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