IndMedia Task 3 Abstract Reflection

Elements analysis of the product:

Most of the video clips I used in this abstract product are scene shots made by other students, including “bee in the flower”, “water tap”, “snooker boys” and “chimneys”, the only shot made by my team is “dancers on the floor.”

Most of the sounds I used are original sounds of the video clips, the BGM I used is “Gymnopedie No. 3”, a royalty free music piece downloaded from

The shoot

“Bee in the flower” This video clip has fatal error: apart from its first few seconds, the rest of it were totally out of focus, also the camera was very unsteady as it moves in a random track, making the original video clip blurry and dizzy. If I was the cameraman, I would try to hold the camera firmly to avoid dizziness, and make sure most of the frames have a focus.

“Water tap”, considering the simplicity of this video clip, it is a good one. But it seems to me that there was only one tap and its water stream in this video, and all of them were in the foreground, making it lacks of depth and richness. If I was the cameraman, I would add more things, especially moving objects/people in its background so as this video clip would be more vivid

“Snooker boys” this video clip was shot in the cafeteria of Swanston Library. It has good depth, as well as moving objects/people to make it vivid. However, the camera was still shaky. What’s more, due to the lighting in background was stronger than foreground, everything looks darker, which makes it’s hard for audiences to recognize details in this video clip. Had I been given the chance I would pose the camera in another position to avoid lighting issue and use a tripod to capture steady shots.

“Dancers on the floor” this video clip captured a ground of students dancing. We only shoot their feet and reflections on the floor. It has a relatively good composition, as the floor divided the frame into two equal halves.

“Chimneys” This video clip was made on the street. Shaky hands happened again in this video. Apart from that, the comparison between a functional, smoky chimney and a “silent” chimney without smoke is interesting. But if I was the camera man, I would add more flavor into it by zoom out and capture more items/elements.

The original sounds in these video clips were not very satisfying, as too many environmental noises were recorded. You can hear people talking loudly in almost all files, which were very distractive. Arguably, people talking is an important part of environmental sound but in my personal opinion they should only be an equal part of a whole sound file. I would pay more attention to the direction of mic in recording, for example, avoid pointing it towards talking people for a long time.

The edit

As I have mentioned above, one of the most fatal mistakes of those video clips is shaky and blurry, while another one is lacks of depth. Considering this, my editing goal is aimed to change the disadvantages into advantages.

In my personal opinion, the lack of depth can be overcome by superimposition, which is requested by the course. While to solve shaky and blurry issue, I chose a Haiku which theme is “time and illusion” as I believe blurry can be explained as illusion.

I cut “bee in the flower”, “water tap” and “chimneys” into two halves and overlapped them on each other’s halves in order to create a concept that all these clips are illusions of same things in different time

I used fade in and fade out effects in order to make the transition between each clip more smoothly.

I lowered the sounds by using pen tool, hence the people talking sound would not be very distractive.

The background music I choose seems works well with the concept. It is a beautiful and haunting melody, which is calming and mysterious. I believe it echoes with the haiku I choose.


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