PIM Task 3 Draft

Adventure of Superman


This story will be a stop-motion project shoot by mobile phone. The affordance I am looking to explore is mobile phone’s capacity of making stop motion works. Mobile phone’s accessibility has made it a handy tool for video makers to create works with ease.

The story I am preparing is Toy Superhero’s Adventure in Human World. This idea may sounds like Disney’s Toy Story, while the uniqueness of my project is toy in my story will interact with real people and real world, not animated ones.

The draft I made is literally a draft, with very rough video quality and only tells the beginning of the story. The whole story will be toy superman discovers he is no longer satisfied with indoor life, and wants to go outside to explore. But when he comes out, he soon discovers the outside world is too dangerous for him.

This idea is inspired by a photographer whose ID is “VSE OK”, he keeps creating photos about superhero toys in human world, and his works have a strange sense of humour.

The draft part is done indoor, and due to the poor performance of my mobile phone camera there are lots of noises in it. I am planning to use a better phone to improve the image quality, also, I will use a better superman toy, which has more junctions and can make more moves.

In future shots this toy superman will be shot at Melbourne’s landmarks in different times of days, so I can play more with light, as well as include more contrasts between toys and human. Also, I will add dialogues between toy and human into this project. What’s more, text as narrative will also be added.
Created using a SONY Xperia M, edited in Adobe Premiere. Music from private collation of classic music.


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