[Ind Media]Nostalgia For The Light Review: All the beauty of contrast

Nostalgia for the light is indeed one of the most impressive documentary I ever watched.

From the selected short video clip I witnessed a unique beauty. To be more specific, it is a beauty of contrast.

The first contrast is movement within stillness. The camera barely moves in all the shots, and for most of the time it is focusing on still objects like telescope or furniture. But movement exists in every scene. For example,  when camera is recording a kitchen, nothing in the kitchen moves, but those tree leaves and their shadow outside the window are swaying in the wind. Also, nothing moves inside the observatory, but those dust floating in the background add a vivid color to the scene.

From what I have seen in the video clip, stillness is a major theme. Stillness as a theme echoes perfectly with the narrator’s voice, who is talking about memories.

The second contrast is silence within sound. There is not much sound in this video clip, but all of them worked perfectly. The music used at beginning (when showing picture about moon) created a good atmosphere about space, those the music here is by no means low volume, listeners actually would feel the silence in the universe, while in other scenes, sound of leaves in the wind serves as a great foil to the silence in the rooms.


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