[Ind Media] Q5 Lenny Shots


Reflection on Lenny shots

This is a reflection written about the Lenny shots our group made.

The location is RMIT building 80.

The actors are Eeshan Shridharprasad Bhave as Lenny, and Ankit Nigam as Vi.

I was the boom operator in filming their shots.

Post production period

The first mistake we made is we did not understand Paul’s requirement throughly. In fact our group filmed four different pair of actors in order to make everyone have the opportunity to perform as well as operate equipments. However, we did not know that our time was really limited, which leaded to the result:  only shots with Eeshan and Ankit are suitable for editing as we have shots from two different angles for them, while all the other pairs only have shots from one angle. Make sure the crew is following instructions is very important.

The Shoot period

The second mistake we made is we did not produce enough material. I believe this is also a very important point that I should mention in the reflection: make sure you filmed enough materials for production and put this first, leave everything else later. Having more materials always means having better choices and more opportunities. In fact, I can only use 2 video clips as materials in editing this. This definitely limited the possibility of creativity.

The third mistake made in producing this video is mainly my fault. There is a small difference of sound between 2 shots, it is not obvious but when two shots are mixed together, it becomes recognizable. I think it is mainly due to I failed to keep same distance between mic and actors during recording of the two shots. i will keep that in mind and make sure similar things won’t happen again.

The forth mistake made in producing this video is that the camera man did not give Lenny enough head room.

屏幕快照 2014-08-22 下午10.23.56

Part of his head is cut off and this does not look very nice. Characters should be provided with enough space to make them look comfortable to the audiences.

The fifth mistake made is the white balance. I think the camera operator did not adjust white balance when we moved from natural light to under sunlight lamp, and everything looks very yellow. I would spent 1 minute to adjust white balance every time after the environmental lighting changes.

Post-production period

This final video clip is 24 seconds long. I switched 6 times between 2 shots. Switching shots too fast can make audiences tired, not to say it’s just switching between 2 shots.



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