Slough of Despond 5: Creative Commons


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I have chosen the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Creative Commons License for my WordPress blog. Basically it allows others to view and quote my works, yet not for commercial uses.


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Will there be a Sino-Russia alliance? (Slough of Despond 3: advanced blogging)

Will there be a Sino-Russia alliance? (Slough of Despond 3: advanced blogging)

Zhang Zihan



(Photo Source: The Daily journalist


These days most world media are discussing the increasingly tight China-Russia tie after the two countries signed a 30-years gas contract, and not a few of them, especially the western media, have revealed a sense of anxiety in their words about a possible China-Russia alliance against US and NATO. 

This situation specially occurs to people grown up in democratic countries, who may view China and Russia as authoritarianism countries who keep showing muscles around and bullying small neighbors. But I have to say such anxiety comes from nowhere but the incomprehension on what’s going on between China and Russia.

Russia has been coveting Chinese land for a long time and since the age of Czar and have taken control of more than 3 million square kilometers land so far. Most Chinese intellectuals are aware of this and they don’t have a good impression on Russia. In fact, when Russia Embassy first opened its social network account on Sina Weibo(Chinese equivalence of Twitter), netizens flushed it with comments, claiming Russia should give Chinese territory back.



(Photo source: screen shot of Shanggaiist


While according to BBC’s survey in 2013, most Russians believe China is expanding in Fareast and will threaten Russia’s interest.

Then why China and Russia still getting closer and closer?

Possibly due to the West don’t believe in both China and Russia. The two countries are still suffering from military and economical sanctions imposed from US and NATO, and any movement from these two countries would be treated as a threat. Though they tried to express goodwill to the west, what they get in return is usually criticism. What else can you expect the two discovered that they are in similar situation? Yes, they would cooperate and help each other. But becoming allies and leave their back to each other? I sincerely doubt. 

The Interpreter’s house 5: Search engine comparison

The Interpreter’s house 5: Search engine comparison – Search Engine Comparison


Zhang Zihan S3463046


Before I came to RMIT I worked as a journalist for about two years and one of the most important skills for being a journalist is the mastery of search engine. I used to be proud of my search skills as a Chinese journalist, as Google is still semi-banned from visiting the Great Fire Wall invited by Dr Fang Bingxing and not much Chinese are used to use it.


“Site: XXX” is my favorite command for searching certain content within a specific website, while “XXX(target name).YYY(filetype)” is my favorite command especially for searching contact details! Because Chinese governmental officials and companies do not like putting their contact details directly on websites, but doc or pdf files which contain these information are always available. From my personal experience Google is better than any search engine in this.


To be honest I knew nothing about Duckduckgo before I came to Australia, but once I discovered it offers anonymous search service I realized how important it is, as everyone is afraid of government peering personal privacy after Snowden and the PRISM. It is reasonable that if Duckduckgo does not collect personal information, it would not use cookies. This somehow makes it less “convenient” to those people who are already used to Google, I mean when you search “Godzilla” the first day, the next day when type “God” in the search box and Google would automatically put “Godzilla” in its drop-down options.

屏幕快照 2014-05-29 下午1.40.50

Also, when I tried to search my name Zhang Zihan in English in Google, it put my Facebook page at the top of the page, while Duckduckgo put my LinkdIn at the top of the page. While when I tried to search my name in Chinese, 张紫函 in Google, most result turned out to be Chen Zihan, a Chinese actress who has same surname like me. Similar thing occurs to Duckduckgo, but Duckduckgo managed to put link to my Chinese social network page at the top of the results.

屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午10.53.14 屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午10.53.24   屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午10.53.41 1 屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午10.53.50

Instagrok is another thing I’ve never heard of before I came to Australia. Unlike other search engine, Instagrok not only provides search results but also analyzes and visualizes the connections among them.

屏幕快照 2014-05-29 下午1.43.57

As Instagrok itself claimed, this is especially helpful for teachers and students when doing academic research. But analyzing and visualizing also takes time, if you want to search something on Instagrok, usually you have to wait much longer time before the results come out. Also, unlike Google and Duckduckgo, Instagrok does not provide multi-language service, only English can be used.

屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午11.02.05

屏幕快照 2014-05-29 上午11.01.59